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DVDs for Troops 2014

To our troops stationed overseas, there’s nothing more satisfying than a glimpse of home. So every year, our DVDs for Troops promotion gives your business, your customers and your community the chance to help. All you have to do is feature a drop off box inside your retail locations. Then, every movie your customers donate is sent off to give our troops a much-needed reminder of home. After that, it’s all up to Hollywood.  

You can drop of new and gently used DVDs through December 15, at the following locations:

Lite 96.9 Studios
Haley's Flooring & Interiors
The Decatur Mall - FYE & Electronic Express

DVDs for Troops is a project that collects new or used DVDs for soldiers serving overseas.  DVDs for kids (Disney, Pixar) will be donated to families of soldiers here at home.  Last year, over 3,000 DVDs were donated in the Tennessee Valley...and we can do it again!!

For more information on this project, click here.

From Lite 96.9, The History Channel & Charter Media.