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Meet John

John Malone
Morning Show Host
5am until 9am
Monday thru Friday

Program Director


FIRST CONCERT?  Actually it wasn't a concert, it was a Star Trek convention.  Thank goodness William Shatner didn't sing anything!

FIRST JOB?  I was the scorekeeper and ballpark announcer for Fayetteville Little League Baseball.  They gave me a microphone, and the rest is...history!

FAVORITE FOOD?  Life is good when I can spend a Saturday night at home with the family, a Star Market ribeye, my "secret recipe" sauteed mushrooms and a baked potato.  Seafood at the beach ain't too bad either!

WHAT PERSON WERE YOU MOST EXCITED TO MEET and/or INTERVIEW?  The late CBS newsman Charles Kuralt was my favorite.  A class act.  I also got to meet the entire original Star Trek cast in 1996 at the VBC.  Shatner was a jerk; but Sulu, Chekov and Scotty were very nice and glad to be in Huntsville.

WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU WERE NOT IN RADIO?  I'd have to work for a living!

WHO DO YOU MOST ADMIRE?  The people who were forced to start all over after losing everything in Katrina.  They should be an inspiration to all of us.

I NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT:  My own transportation

OTHER INTERESTING TIDBITS:  Two of my favorite TV shows are "Boston Legal" (I've got a thing for William Shatner) and Grey's Anatomy.  I also watch a lot of news, biographies and the History Channel.